Saturday, June 30, 2007


I'm not feeling up to par lately. Just feeling so extra emotional. I miss home, but I also enjoy it here. Mainly, I miss my babies. I was going to see them this weekend, but money is tight and its getting to me again. Its amazing how money can affect a person so much. Especially when you don't have it. I mean, I got my bills paid...its just the doing the extras thats getting to me. Its okay, I know in a few weeks things will be in order. Just gotta get to that point again. I miss my babies so much. Hopefully something can be worked out for my cousin to watch them and they will be here for awhile longer.

Outside of that, me and D are doing well. Thats my sweety and we're happy. We're making it. Things are fallin' into place for him...and well I'm getting use to my job. I know he misses the kids as well as his lil' one. I haven't had a chance to meet his baby boy, but I know if he's anything like his daddy...he's a sweetheart as well. I just think of him and Nati getting the chance to meet and play. Lord....two 3-year olds running around the house. Haha! It would be nice to have him come down and visit. I know he'd have so much fun.

Next on the agenda...No real plans for the 4th of July. Just going to work, since we get paid time and a half plus our holiday pay. I need the money anyways...that will be a major check for me. And I need some big checks again. I want to go clothes shopping for the kids, as well as myself. Hell, I gotta get Aries school clothes. But I know it will be easier since they do uniforms here. I just want to shop....shhhh, lol. I thrive off of being able to buy new clothes or new shoes....or some sort of jewelry. And I've been lacking that since moving, unable to do much since mid-last year due to getting things back in order and paying off debt. But I'm doing better than I was...which was struggling, now I'm just broke from paying bills. LOL. Thats one step ahead.

Ever feel like you wish you could be a kid again? Damnnn those were the days, no real worries. LOL. I didn't realize until I got older all the shit my mama dealt with. Now she chillin'....since all her kids are grown, but she does help us out still. Her and my dad have always been there for me..and my siblings. Helping where they can.

Ohhh, I'm listening to this ol' school music. I love it! Hmmm, what to do tonight since I'm dead ass broke? Might go with sweety while he does some stuff at the studio. I dunno though...In the meantime, ya girl is catching up on some reading of Harry Potter, since the movie is coming out VERY soon. Damn shame, but them books and movies are good! LOL. Anywho....laters.

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