Monday, March 9, 2009

Blessings in Disguise

So for those who didn't know, I was laid off exactly on the day I was due back to my job from maternity leave. It sucked, especially w/ how the economy has been going. I had a feeling of things coming to a lay off w/ this company for awhile, things were slow and literally we were fighting for work. But I was holding out hope that it wouldn't lead to that. Well, I was among the percentage that got their job eliminated. I do have to say the company was good to us and made sure to cover me some, I got a severenes package.

I was worried though, mainly with how long it would take to find another job. I mean most companies are scaling back on pay increases and hiring. So I wasn't sure what to expect. Last time I was let go from a job was 8 years ago during the recession back in 2001. So its been a bit scary and worrying me. Especially since David's been on unemployment himself since October.

But what they say about things being a blessing in disguise is true. I just prayed about things and did my best not to stress too much. I interviewed w/ a company I was trying to get on w/ last summer again...and got the call today, I was offered the position at my same rate of pay I was making at my previous job. Its also good because they have overtime. I can actually start making some good money again, the other place...due to slow business obviously didn't offer it. I knew then, that was a bad sign. Thats also why I had been looking last year. Its obvious, as one door closes.......another opens and things work out how they should.

Another thing, in the midst of losing my job.....I managed to get a new ride! LOL. Its a 2006 PT Cruiser. I love it, and it fits me. Plus David managed to get started w/ a new job too, driving a school bus for one of the school districts here. He's almost done w/ his training and will have his CDL license soon.

Oh...and Brayden got his first shots today. My poor baby, he actually did good though, no major crying. Which shocked me considering he's a major cry baby any other time. Haha. And he's finally sleeping through the night! Do you know how wonderful that is! 7+ hours each baby is so good. Not sure if its due to a formula change or just cause he's getting older.

Aries also finished up his basketball for one league. They did pretty well for the team playing together for the first time. 4 wins and 3 losses. The other teams were teams formed and staying together since like kindergarten. I signed him up for new Spring basketball w/ another program, not the same as this one but he can get his basketball skills down more and have some fun. Hoping to get the money together to get him signed up for a Basketball camp during the summer.As for Nati...she's Nati. Haha. She loves being a big sister and taking care of Brayden. Sometimes I have to remind her not to be too rough on him. Hopefully soon she will be signed up for gymnastics.

Thats about it on our updates..........and I'm excited to start w/ the new company come Monday.

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