Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Okay, someone explain to me...

Since when did it become okay to mess w/ other people's men? I realize this has been happening forever, but it seems more openly expressed as okay. Why do women drop themselves to that low point to think its okay to be with another woman's man? I don't understand it. Or maybe I do somewhat.......because I have encountered one man where at the beginning I didn't know he had this person. He told me a lot of lies, then eventually, truth came out he was married to her. Yet he kept lying......I knew he was, I knew he was still w/ her as a husband. I accepted it because I wanted him and tried to convince myself his lies were the truth. Even towards the end of our relationship, I even tried to tell myself...well its just about the sex, thats all I need. However, I know if I had known the truth from get go.......that he was still w/ his wife, I would never have taken that path. I did feel guilty and eventually, we parted ways. Thank God for myself, because yes....I knew I deserved way more than that type of relationship and respect from a man.

I just don't understand how women can live with themselves, knowing their giving up their goods to someone that is using them. They really believe their empowering themselves because they know the truth......the truth that this man is sexing them, while their other half is at home. But really, is that empowerment? or more so a lack of quality in you.....the fact that you can lower your standards so low, he can use you for whatever... To think your better than that woman at home because you know. Haha. Not really...fact is, that knowledge should help you make a better decision. Not only for respect of that other woman, but respect for yourself. I think us women down grade ourselves when we accept these situations. Remember, men only do what us women allow them to do. That goes for the "other" woman as well. To say your fine with that situation....I think shows how much you feel about yourself and worth.

And even being through it myself, I learned from it. Karma is a bitch and I feel you do this to someone.......its going to come right around back to you when you do find that person you want to be with seriously. Basically, I feel no sympathy for those that do hypocritical things of this nature.......and feel the pain of it later themselves.

Its just one of those things...I still don't understand.

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