Friday, March 13, 2009

Its Official! I hate my upstairs neighbors!

Alright, I mentioned in a blog or so ago about my loud ass neighbors. They moved in back in December. Their loud as hell! And surprisingly, I haven't said anything to them about it yet. I've been contemplating on if I should go upstairs when they do their "krump" dancing up there and say something...or going to the office about it. Yeah, thats an inside joke...David said he thinks their practicing their "krump" dancing.....I said its either that or someone's getting an ass beating up there. I swear....its so bad, they shake my apartment. I mean, my diningroom table starts shaking and my pictures. It wouldn't work my nerves if it wasn't happening all the time. And its usually between 10pm and 2am that its like that. I don't get it....

But here's the topper.....

So I had to have maintenance come in and fix my toilet today. It clogged up so bad it went into our bathtub. Well we had an incident like 6 months ago or so...and we did do that, because we were using those wipes you "supposedly" can flush. Obviously not, but since then haven't put anything but toilet paper down the toilet. Well we get a clog today.....and it was wayyyyyyy worse, the tub was almost filled up.

So maintenance came, they said it was the worst they've seen.....and found out it was paper towels, a bunch of them. Well I guess all 3 floors are set up on the same pipes, we're on the 2nd floor. I told them it wasn't us. It wasn't the 1st floor because he came up here to say something about the water going to his bathroom since they were trying to un-clog mine. They went to the 3rd floor, they didn't answer...he went back up again, finally they answered and even let him in...tried to say it wasn't them. But when the maintenance guy went to the same bathroom (which is above mine)......there were two rolls of paper towels on the floor near their toilet. And they tried to claim the main bathroom was the one clogged. Pssshhh. Then they have the nerve to get mad at the maintenance man. WTF?

So now they clog up my toilet and tub w/ their nasty shit cause their wipin' their ass w/ paper towels. I mean seriously..........who is that stupid to put paper towels down a toilet and think its fine?????? Are they that fuckin' broke to buy some damn toilet paper? Hell.....toilet paper is cheaper than paper towels. What the hell is wrong w/ these people?

UGGGGHH! End result though...and I guess because they tried to give the maintenance man attitude......their getting a lease violation. Haha.

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