Friday, December 26, 2008

Been MIA for a minute

So I figured I'd post a blog since thats what I do. Most of my family/friends know that David is back home...its been almost two weeks. We're working through everything, its nice to have him back. I missed him and most of ya'll knew that. Still dealing w/ the hurt and questions and answers...and just weary about things but I guess thats part of the healing process, right? Its still a confusing thing...mainly because I'm the type of person that asks questions til shit makes sense. And even now, still not sure what happened for him to get up and leave. But he apologized.....and even drove about 14 hours to be back here. He's home, I guess thats the focus....that he's where he wants to be right? Its just still...I guess this is one of those things that either breaks or makes a relationship. Hopefully this makes us stronger and thats all I can pray for.

Outside of that...I've been having major contractions but nothing regular. I've been going to the doctor once a week far about 1.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced. He's finally head down and lordddd...he's just poking me in the sides and just hurting me. I'm waddling like crazy, all I want to do is sleep. Plus now that the Cedar molds have rolled into the Austin area, I'm dealing w/ my allergies and asthma even more. Sucks, my inhaler makes me want to sleep even more. I swear I could sleep a good 16 hours a day...but then my hips are aching and pelvis from this babie's head between my legs. I just can't wait to have him. I did get good news at my last appointment on Monday, their gonna let me induce at 39 weeks rather than waiting it out until my due date passes. Its scheduled for January 8th, so if he's not here between now and then on his own...(which most likely, he won't be because he's just like his daddy......stubborn!) I will be delivering this big boy on the 8th. And he will be a big said he'll probably be like brother/sister...around 8lbs or so, definitely not a Figures. I'm feeling better though...David managed to get his car seat, that was the biggest worry...because if I did have him early, how was he coming home? Lol. Plus I got his Boppy Swing I wanted...well I wanted either the bouncer or swing. Then I was so stressed for those two weeks...I lost like 7 pounds. I go back this week...and gain like 4 pounds back, don't feel it though. The doctor said it was probably just water retention. I don't feel that swollen though...hmmmfff. Who knows. I just know at the end of this...I'm sure I'll be weighing less than I did before getting pregnant, thats good news! Haha.

I just can't wait to be normal Don't get me wrong, I look forward to meeting my son...but dang, what us women go through carrying them.

Finally Christmas is OVER WITH! I hate this time of an adult its just not any fun when your struglling financially already. But the kids did good w/ help and I appreciate everything thats been done. They got what they wanted and well they both are not very picky anyways. Next up >>> Aries' 9th Birthday! on December 30th. No party like I want, with the baby coming and things...its gonna be a lot but he will have something small.
So thats about it so far...I'll be sure to post some pics up once Brayden is here! In the meantime there's other new photos up from Christmas, the cats, etc.

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