Thursday, September 18, 2008

Your So Vain...You Probably Think This Is About You...

Quite possibly it is..........and most likely it isn't.

FYI to the idiot thats stating I'm talking shit about you on myspace........TONY, I said something about your sorry ass how long ago? It wasn't nothing new that people don't know about your ass. And if others read this and send you the messages I write here, your ass is late as fuck as well! Pay attention when things are wrote. And the fact still remains the same...Tony's ass is lame! That ain't new or even worth writing about anymore. So thats it about him on my page!

Outside of my true friendships, I know because I'm pregnant right now I rarely see people...I really hope its not because you think since I'm pregnant I can't get out. At least ask me and let me decline on my own, shit. And why be afraid to tell me your doing some no-good shit? I could careless, I'm your damn friend regardless and you could give me more credit than that. Yes, I might not like the shit your doing. I might give you advice to sway you the other way (since thats what friends do! and are supposed to do!) but thats because I love your punk ass and some times you need some freakin' REAL TALK! Outside of that....I ain't your mama, I know this.....and it ain't for me to say well if you do this or that, I'm never talking/associating w/ your ass again. Nope, your grown ass women...I can't control that and I know how hard it is out there today when it comes to love, relationships, work and so on. Just know I am here...hell even I can't go out and drink it up, I can be that ear that listens.....and I admit I am having to live vicarously through your bad ways. Hehe...Remember I love you! and you better love me cause you know the shit I've done in my past (hopefully won't happen in the future). I might get my ass whooped by David if I did do the crap I did to Tony...haha...or the others.

As for my baby growing in my belly' I'm such a fat ass, I admit. Well I'm on week 23...thanks to all you bastards for not posting responses to my handsome lil' guy's ultrasound pics...ya'll suck! I know it looks weird...but hey, thats my baby, just know...once he's fatter, he'll be beautiful like me. Oh and for those who didn't know..his name is officially Brayden Matthew Blake. I gave my step-daddy's name as his middle name. My step-daddy has been there for me forever, he's a great man even though dealing w/ things like everyone else. I love you Matt!

Outside of that....I had to go do my 3-hour glucose test........blahhhh, that meant I had to have my blood drawn 4 different times, drink that orange drink...which is way worse than the orange drink they give for the 1-hour test you get at first. I felt like getting sick, so I didn't eat for like 14 hours....I'm starving, David and I run to Wendy's and well........I admit, I might have freakin' Gestational Diabetes and my fat ass is eating a Baconator but dammnnnn them buns are good! I know I know...I eat it for the freakin' bun. I admit, I take the bacon off. Yeah, it makes no sense...and? When have I ever made total sense. Haha. So I eat that, get home...take a nap, wake up feeling like total crap. So who knows if my stomach ache is due to that giant fatty burger or that freakin' sugary orange drink.

Owww...and my cable/internet is on for those who give a damn, I see no one noticed I've been gone. But I'm going to do my best to blog and be interactive...I admit, I'm practically married and seem to have settled down a lot on things. I'ma work on it..........til then, LOVE YOU ALL!

Oh yeah, those affected by Hurricane Ike....ya'll are in my prayers, especially all my peoples in Houston.

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