Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just too damn FuNnY!

Okay, so I ain't really said nothing about this...but I guess its about that time for me to air it. Even if these other girls/young ladies read it. It might be hard to believe but I read everything in David's inboxes here on MySpace. Why? Well hell I admit I got major trust issues and even I can admit David was a major "man whore" prior to us being together (I know EVERYTHING he's done to you, you and yes....even YOU!). However, he hasn't done nothing since we've been together to actually make me think he's cheating. But because he loves me, I get access to these things...so when I'm having an insecure moment, yeah I read it. LOL.

But here's the kicker..........why do some feel the need to use my name like you know me? David isn't afraid of what you will write in comments because I see it all most of the time. But to use my name, like we're all cool or in a way to kind of suggest David might hide it from me. Come on now? Next, I don't understand these girls asking him the ultimate question that it seems all girls ask after a relationship is over...and its been over. That question: "What did I do wrong? Why did you end it?". Look the answer to this......you didn't do anything wrong, hell your probably an awesome chic...who has a lot to offer but he wasn't ready to settle down. I'm sure there were signs prior to the cut off of communication that he was through with you and what ya'll had going on. And please believe.........if he was only calling you in the evenings to basically visit you around 11-3am...then leave after ya'll are done, well it was...what it was. Bootycall. And you weren't the only one....

And the final thing.........telling him you'll always love him or he'll always have a special place in your heart. PLEASE let it go!

Damn...where is the respect or value for others relationships? I admit, there are a few of his "girl" friends that are actually genuinely happy for him/us as a whole...and I even talk to them. Shhh...some of you even call my cell phone because he's used my line. Don't hang up on me, I ain't gonna flip out and cuss ya ass out. If I felt you were a threat, I wouldn't even answer the damn line.........because YES, I know ya'lls phone numbers...their saved in my phone too. Lol. Hell I even tried to let one of you know his cell phone number so you could call him directly.

And I know some of ya'll read my page........so this is for ya'll. Just figured I'd give ya'll the FYI basically because the sly comments...and somewhat utter disrespect for what we have going on is straight up foul! And certain people are doing that. If it ain't you...then great but there are certain trifling heffa's that fall in that category, they know who they are.

Thats my 2cents.

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