Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Set Back...

I had one...and yet again, I'm the one left looking stupid...and crying. Crazy, after all this time...I'm still willing to allow that. That should tell me something, I shouldn't hurt while loving someone. Love don't hurt....maybe this is a reminder for why it ended and a reminder to show me, he's not worth it.

Outside of that...He's helped me realize some things....he's my reminder of what I don't want in a man. The reminder of what God has planned for me. God has a path for me, God has that man for me...I' ve met him. I'm just so scared to move on, to give my heart to someone new and have them do me the same way he did me. Have me crying like this. My man doesn't make me cry, he doesn't want me to hurt. He just wants to love me and I just keep pushing him away for an idiot who couldn't see what he had. I was made for him...why didn't I see this, why was I falling back into ol' dude's meaningless words? Why? I have someone that truly loves me for me...someone that wants to marry me and be with me and the kids for the rest of his life.

Thank you for waking me up dear friend...yes you know who you are and what you did this evening. You reminded me....thank you.

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