Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Whats going on?

I've noticed lately, I'm in a weird "blah" state of mind.  I'm not sure whats wrong or if there is something wrong.  I suppose I can update things after being gone from here for like a year and half.

During the past year and half or even two years... I've been a mom focused on family only.  I've been trying to figure out how to balance... family, career and just time for myself.  Its hard work.  And maybe thats where the stress starts.

Lets see... so David (my husband) started officially working in a barbershop in January 2013, right after getting his cosmetologist license in December 2012.  Thank GOD!  In working at this first shop, he met some really great friends.  In the end, these friends and him went in on opening their own barber shop.  It finally opened in November 2013.  And slowly... business has been getting better.

I actually decided to go back to school and finish my bachelors degree.  YAY!  So, I started my first set of classes in January 2014.  I only could transfer in so many credits, so I'm pretty much starting from scratch but its all good because I feel more determined now to finish my degree and have that under my belt.  So... so far so good.

As for the kiddos... my oldest son is going into high school this fall.  CRAZY!  I have a high schooler, it makes me want to cry thinking of it.  He's class of 2018.  It's going by so fast.  Then my daughter will be going into 5th grade and my baby boy is going into kinder.  This past year, has been filled with a lot of kids activities... sports, girl scouts and even my youngest seeing the eye doctor again and wearing glasses.

However, with all these things... I've let my eating and lapband sit on the back burner.  I've gained back all the weight I lost.  Its so disappointing.  I've tried over and over to get back on to doing the right thing.  Its so hard.  And to be honest... I haven't been back to True Results to look at my band since 2012.  I don't feel like its adequate care or comfortable with their staff any more.  I've seriously been considering a revision.  I don't think anything is wrong with my band, in fact... I still have moments where food hangs up if I eat to fast.  I'm sure there is some fluid still in there.  I don't think nothing bad of the band.  But I'm starting to think, its not the option for me anymore.

So thats where I'm at........


Lady Lap Band said...

I'm so sorry you're having such a hard time! I feel your pain! I'd suggest going for a fill and if that doesn't work you gotta do what's right for you so maybe a revision would be best? You should look into getting a new doc also that plays a big role for me, having a good one that is. GL!


Manda said...

I'm sure a fill might work. I just don't feel comfortable going to True Results (who did the surgery). Thats why I haven't been back. And its hard finding doctors around here who will touch me since True Results did it.

Rhonda said...

If you're not experiencing the restriction you need, or for that matter the FOLLOW-UP care you need, then you should absolutely investigate other options for yourself. If that means a revision, look into it. Make YOURSELF a priority.

Sounds like a stressful last year, so don't sweat the regain too much. Just go forward and try to do better. Meal plan, portion your food to bandster sizes, and drink water, water, water. Are you exercising? That makes all the difference to me!