Monday, March 5, 2012

Weigh In for 3.4.12, Softball Fun

Hola everyone...

So lets talk about last week...

On the exercise front, I did pretty well.  Lots of walking at work.  I did 135 minutes of walking, goal was 120 minutes.  So I'm happy with that.  No time in with Jillian Michael's.  My legs were sore for about 3-4 days after last Sunday's workout with Jillian.  I'm talking about my entire leg, inner/outter... all over!  Lets just say I was walking funny.  Haha.  I planned on doing some workouts with Jillian but was pretty busy this past week.  I need to make sure to make time though. 

On the calorie intake, I stayed under.  Did go over a couple of days on sodium.  I got most water in but had two days where I didn't get all 72 ounces in.

So weigh-in for yesterday was -

Weigh-In:  207.4

So thats 0.4 pounds down from last week.  In total weight lost I'm at 35.6 pounds since the beginning of this whole thing.  I never really knew the big total.  Not bad, too bad its taken this long to get there.  LOL.  The ultimate goal is to hit Onederland soon!  I was hoping to be down 1.5 pounds from last week but its all good.  As long as the weight goes down, I don't care. 

I can say that I put on a pair of jeans I used to wear a few years ago... and a pair of work pants.  Both were pretty loose.  That means I'm close to changing pants size.  Whoop whoop!! 

We set up our computer at home but can't find the mouse.  So unable to do any uploads from there on photos.  Blah!

In other news... my daughter started softball last week.  She had two games, both games her team lost by 1 point.  This is her first time ever playing a sport or doing an activity in general.  She had a breakdown on her second practice because she didn't understand the game.  But since then has been doing much better.  I think she's starting to enjoy it more.  I'm happy to have her involved in something.  And if she likes it enough to do it again for another season, I may volunteer to help out the coach or something.  I can play some softball, I believe... haha.

Check out this cool photo of her... at her first game.

Oh and regarding BOOB's 2012, I am going... and think I have found my roommate.  So excited!  That about wraps things up.

Anywho... have a great day everyone!


Ronnie said...

Aww, love the pic! Great week, sounds like. :)

Andrea said...

Good job this week!

Your daughter is so cute!