Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Whats up....

So...all I can say at this point is GOD IS GOOD! I tell you, when your having a hard time...no matter if its a personal issue like some drama w/ your man/woman or with a family member or a friend.......or if its financially or some other matter. Leave it in God's hands and he will come through. He always does. And believe, as someone who wasn't raised up in church...someone who's been trying to get her relationship back with God, its been a difficult task for me. Its been hard for me to learn to leave all my worries in his hands, especially because its always been in my head to figure it out myself. But he has come through for me.......

So thats my inspirational thoughts for the moment. Next......can I get my W2 please? LOL. I really need some extra money right now. I'm on maternity leave as most know but dang, I was already slipping behind back in November. Things had got caught up and were falling into place for us financially in October, then David lost his job. Its been real tough, I think that lead to our 2 week break up. Its tough on a couple, however we're making it work and we're actually a lot better right now as for our relationship. As for finances......I've been doing my best to leave that to God because he does come through, just more praying to do but I'm so ready to be able to relax some about the bills.

As for the kids...Aries started basketball, in fact he has practice tonight. He had his first game last Saturday...he plays for the Bobcats (like the NBA Bobcats) and their team won. He's very excited about it and having fun. Nati...she's just Nati. Lol. Doing well in school and excited to have a baby brother. Brayden, well...........just like his daddy, stubborn and a nugget. Up all night, killing his parents. We're dying here from lack of sleep. Just as I think we're getting a routine going......he decides, NOPE. Figures. I can't believe he's going to be 2 weeks old in two days. Its gone fast........my baby is getting bigger. I was going to buy the hospital pics, but I hate them. Which is disappointing since I've bought the other two kids hospital pics. They just came out horrible and not what I expected. But we will go get his month old pics...or close to it soon.

The other thing.........My upstairs neighbors, they've been living up there for like two months now. I'm going to kill them. I don't get it, I never really heard the people before and they had a kid same age as Aries running around up there but these people are rediculous. Its all night, I'm talking about major banging...shaking my walls. I'm like wtf?! are they doing up there. I don't get it, I mean these apartments are pretty well built. I want to go up there and cuss their asses out........like now!!!!!!! Uggh. And now their starting to play their music loud. It wouldn't bother me if it was every once and while but its all the freaking time and it gets worse around 10pm for some reason. I wonder if I should say something to them first or go the office. I'm trying to keep it cool but its getting worse....and I have very little patience.

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