Sunday, December 2, 2007


Could things get any worse? Times have been gettin' real hard for my family here. I'm the only one working at the moment and not because David don't want to. He's been out there looking and no luck yet. Its been getting real stressful. I'm doing my best to make ends meet. We're at the point where we have NO MONEY for food.........and barely enough for gas. Hell I'm barely making my car notes, and at this point I'm not even using my own car because the water pump is getting ready to go out on it. I've let my car insurance go...I've let my cell phone go. I'm sure enough my internet and cable will be gone next.

On top of it, I had to go sign my kids up for Christmas help here through the Salvation Army which I'm sure will be barely anything and whatever leftovers they have. I know it doesn't matter what they get for Christmas, but then again it does. Its not like I get them the most exstravagant gifts anyways. Thank God, my grandparents gave me a Christmas tree with ornaments otherwise we wouldn't even have a tree.

So this weekend I thought we would be okay enough to at least get some stockings and a skirt for the tree. Maybe pick up some in-expensive toys from the Family Dollar. Just something to put under there for the kids. To get things going. NOPE! Why? Because David decided to help his brother by keeping a pitbull here. A dog his brother has been claiming to come get for the past month and a half or so. I told him we shouldn't have that dog here because we can get a lease violation. Well, the dog got out.........and the office found out and now we have a lease violation with a fee of $100.00 and $10 every day until the dog is removed. This is all due with rent. We have rent...........but this extra $100? That was our money to get food.......get for the kids. And because his brother is a liar.....we have to scrap of what little money we have to pay for a dog that ain't even ours. Just trying to help people out. I don't understand it. I just knew it was a bad idea. This type of situation makes me not want to help NO ONE out! Who's paying for this? MY CHILDREN!

I'm so mad right now...........

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