Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dead Beat Daddies

Now mind you, I ain't the type of person that loves drama. That loves to see others suffer at the expense of my words. I am however, the type or woman that will say what is on my mind, regardless if it hurts peoples feelings. Its about tellin' the truth, and well some people don't know how to handle things for what they are.

I don't understand women who use their children against these men, who are trying to be there for that child. Whats the definition of a DEAD BEAT DAD? Hell DEAD BEAT Parent in general..........its a person who is unwilling to be active in their child's life, financially and emotionally. Someone who has no intentions of building a relationship with a child they conceived.

Understand this! I know what its like to have a TRUE Deadbeat Dad involved with my children. I experienced it first hand, the nigga don't want no part in his son/daughter's life. They only want to come around for ME, they could give a damn about that child. They use that child to try and squirm their way back into a relationship with me. They don't pay shit! They ARE on child support and constantly change their jobs to avoid helping in the costs for their child. They never call, they never attempt to be involved. I watched this same there for two other women's children. It hurt me to see this, but God knows whats best for my child. And as a GROWN ASS woman, its not for me to tell this nigga to get off his ass and take care of his responsibilities. I've never called him OVER and OVER asking for money, clothes, etc. But one thing I can say, outside of it all.........even when this man wasn't helping financially, I NEVER told him he couldn't see his child.

With that said, I have sat back and kept my mouth shut on things. I figured thats not for me to speak upon. But when my children and well even I am brought into the conversation.....well its time to say something. Lets get things straight, and my friends/family know this firsthand..........there is no man...that takes care of my children. It is ME, Amanda Ramos...........paying for the daycare costs, clothes on their backs, food on the table, the bills to make sure we have a roof over our heads. But I will say this, the person I am with now....we decided we wanted to build something more, in fact...we are planning on getting married, so with that said yes, we are both working towards the goals we have set for our family. And thats all children involved. Not just mine, his as well. I think I'm starting to realize something, this person who is so set on making him feel horrible for finding someone that makes him happy.........still has feelings for him. It has to be that. Its okay though, God don't like ugly and well with all the suffering she is trying to put on him, it will come back to her. Due time.

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