Monday, April 20, 2015


So I've been pretty busy with work - I've been putting in more hours for overtime, really need the money!  Also, I'm finishing up my last two classes this semester... so happy to be done this coming week.  It wasn't too bad, the classes but I'm kind like ugh.  I start my summer semester two weeks after the spring semester ends, but thats only for five weeks too... and then I'm done for the summer!

In other news here is a photo from my induction into the Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society this past Saturday.  I am so excited to not only show off my cute outfit... and the fact that I'm wearing my size medium skirt... but also how well I'm doing in college classes.  Something to add to my gown when graduating.  :)

Recently, I really wanted to plan a trip for our family... like end of summer trip, but not sure that will happen.  Low funds = sad face :(  The other thing is we are considering moving into a house this summer from our apartment that we've lived in for five years.  If we do, that will take extra money so we have to make decisions.  Its just frustrating because I've always had this urge to travel and I want to travel now!  One day, I'd like to take my whole family out for like a 2-week cross-country trip... check out different states, etc.  I also want to plan a cruise for my husband and myself - since we've never done one before.  And even a family trip to Destin, FL.  One day we will go to all of those places but I know its more important to get things right on the home front.

Thank you to those who offered the condolences on my grandfather passing away.  I really do appreciate it and I'm okay.  He was suffering from lung cancer and I'm happy to know he is no longer in pain and with my grandmother.

Alright... as for my weight, I weighed in this past weekend at 180.6 lbs.  I'm almost in the 170's.  I also decided to buy new shorts for summer use... and I'm wearing a size 14.  How did that happen?  Lol.  I ended up canceling the YMCA membership that I never used.  Ugh, I knew I'd waste the money... never fails.  I gotta get my priorities in check when it comes to exercising.  I know exercising is key and a good thing overall.

The good news is I'm doing well with my vitamins, my logging... could improve on water intake but I do only drink water or G2's at this point.  As for food intake... some times I feel like I can eat way more than usual and other times the pouch is super tight.  Its so strange.  Then I see my husband and he can barely eat anything at all STILL.  So weird.

Alright... so that is all for now.  Until laters!


Bonnie said...

Congrats on being so close to the 170s! I loved when I was in the 170s - I got married when I was in the 170s! Good times. I hear ya about money. Not sure when I'll be able to take another good vacation with a daughter in college and another a year away. said...

You look adorable. Wow on your grades. I'm so happy for you and proud of you my blog pal. I'm always 10 pounds behind you gosh darn it. Keep up the great work.